Hello boys and girls. If you watch my videos then chances are you make a lot of bad decisions. In this video. I'm going to be showing you how to lose your voice, which is probably a very good decision for you considering the fact that nobody wants to hear you speak anyways. Let's talk about how to lose your voice. I won't show you how to lose your voice in 5 minutes or how to lose your voice in 10 seconds, but it will happen at least in a day or so. some if these methods will show you how to lose your voice fast without screaming. This first method I'm going to share with you is the dehydration method. It's exactly what it sounds like. Don't drink any water. Make yourself dehydrated. Singers, speakers, before they go onstage, they always drink a glass of water. A lot of them take the water on stage with them because it helps ease their vocal chords. So don't drink any water. You'll start to sound like a pathetic guy who needs a drink of water.


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